We snuck away for NYE 2020 to the land of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. Our house in the Laurel Highlands was built by Frank Lloyd Wrights firm, after his death. It was extremely special, unfortunatly the weather was not. :) On a particularly rainy day, I sat at the kitchen table, looking out at the backyard and Big Sandy Creek and painted this small work.  The mountains in winter, to me, are red - the color of the sleeping buds and tree branches. The land, though covered in more trees than shown, is so beautifully sparse in winter. I wanted to show that feeling of being able to see through the forest as the snow began to melt, giving way to the still-green grass underneath.


8 1/4"x4 1/2" Oil Pastel on Sennelier Pastel paper (borders are 1 1/2"x2 1/2" making the entire piece 9 1/4"x11") 




"Big Sandy Creek"