My head has been in the stars since I was a little girl, watching Star Trek: Next Generation, while trying to complete whatever homework was in my lap on the sofa. I never wanted to go to space really, because I'm a big chicken that can barely handle the oceans, but I LOVE science, exploration, and the human need to understand. 


This magnet set is in homage to the many space observatories that have filled my head with wonder these 40+ years. To Cassini, for showing us the absolute splendor and surprise of Saturn's rings and for your heartbreaking goodbye. To Kepler, for opening a window to other worlds. To the Webb, for renewing the sense of awe that Hubble, so astonishingly, brought before you. To Parker, for your harrowing and novel  journey into our Sun, only just beginning. And of course, to Voyager 1, the keeper of our gold record and the first object from Earth to head beyond our solar system. 


Let's never stop exploring. 


These six, 1", strong ceramic magnets can be given as a gift, used in your own home, and can act as needle minders for your sewing.


Digitally re-drawn and painted by me. Printed on acid free paper. All metal button parts with a ceramic magnet. Handmade, recycled packaging. 



Observing Our Universe 1" Magnet Set