My love of quilt patterns, their history, and meaning began with my attraction to red and white quilts. The American Folk Art Museum produced an exhibition of them years ago. I use their book from that show as a reference, even now. 


These quilt patterns are six that you'll see throughout my work and the work of traditional artisans and quilt makers. Often held up as classic Americana, these patterns reach across continents and cultures. You see them in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions. You see them throughout Native American and Central American design and everywhere in Europe. The backgrounds are tinted to reflect the variation in aging, once-white, quilt fabrics. 


Patterns digitally drawn by me. Printed on acid free paper. All metal button parts. Handmade, recycled packaging for magnets. 


Please choose your material and design (listed in order of photos).



Red & White Quilt Patterns Single Pin or Magnet: Choose Design & Material