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Our times are all about the Internet, at times for which I am incredibly grateful. That said, my friends and I often make fun of the way the Web influences us, all the time, everyday. These are the phrases that we now use tongue-in-cheek. Each one holds a special place in my heart, so much so that I can remember the first time they came into my life. Here are thier stories: Curating my socials:  Brought up with my neighbor, Steve, while having socially distanced beers in our community garden. Busy doing the Internet: I mentioned this over the Gram in the summer of 2020 in reference to us makers and artists being forced away from the public. It was seconded by my friend, Annie, who said, "yes, so much doing the Internets". :) Totes not doomscrollin: On our sofa, to my husband, as I was trying to play as if I hadn't been scrolling through Trumps' Twitter for like an hour. Do it for the 'Gram: This goes back to 2019, when we were able to do everything easily together. 12 friends rented a house in Davis, West Virginia. While hiking Dolly Sods, my friend Michelle said, "you gotta do it for the 'Gram' in reference to taking some group selfie. I thought it was hilarious. Now I'm constantly "doing it for the 'Gram".  Original art set into magnets for your home or office. Each set comes mounted and wrapped, ready to give as a gift.  Listing is for one set (4 total) of 1" ceramic magnets.  All  parts made in the U.S.A.

Social Influencer Magnet Set

$5.00 Regular Price
$2.50Sale Price
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