My husband comes from Rawlings, Maryland. It's a whisper of a place off of 220 and just a major league baseball toss away from West Virginia. It's one of the rare spots in Maryland where the Appalachians rise up like proper, pointed, mountains and then blend into the flat river valley below. It is beautiful now. It must of been spectacular to the people who first lived there. 


I had that slice of the world in my mind when putting this mosaic together. The hills. The sunsetting. The sky darkening. The special shifting of light that you get from living with higher elevations all around you. 


Using tweezers, tons of hours went into selecting, sanding, glueing reclaimed wood pieces left over from my other work onto a reclaimed spalted wood board with a lovely raw edge. Pieces were not cut to fit, this came together as a puzzle would, finding the right piece for each place.


Reclaimed exotic wood, spalted wood reclaimed wood board, and gold leaf.


Sealed with Polycrylic.


8"x4 1/2"


Wired to hang. 






"The Valley" Reclaimed Wood Mosaic