There is a story that tells of quilts being used to message escaping slaves on the Underground Railroad. Though there is little evidence, beyond word-of-mouth, to support these claims, I believe stories exist for a reason. You'll find evidence of folk art like this throughout my work.


Represeted are four of my favorite patterns (from right to left in the photo):


Shoofly: used to ID a person who could help guide the way. 


North star: used in conjunction with the Big Dipper, the North Star served as a compass. 


Flying Geese: migrating geese could be used to follow north as well as to find water. 


Log cabin: a symbol of safety or a message to take shelter.


Listing is for one, 1" pin or magnet.  Choose your design. 


All  parts made in the U.S.A.

Underground Railroad Single Pin or Magnet - Choose Material & Design