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Welcome to the 28th Street Magnet League! This is a group of magnet lovers, gift givers, adorers of things tiny, and cherishers of beautifully handmade goods.



Each quarter (June, September, December, March) you will recieve one, specially designed, hand-painted magnet. Each will be made with wood reclaimed from acoustic guitar making - hand-cut in my Baltimore studio.


Only League subscribers will have access to these designs. Each quarter will be a surprise. I promise it will be worth it. Bonus, it will arrive with some extra love.


Normally, my magnets sell for $15 each. As a League subscriber, you recieve 20% off each magnet, PLUS you only pay for shipping on the first quarter. Shipping after your first quarter as an annual subscriber is free!  Please note: For my sanity and yours, the 28th ST. Magnet League is not eligible for "studio pick-up". 


You may join annually at any time. Your subscription will begin the following quarter (i.e. purchase in July 2024 - you will receive the magnets for September 2024, December 2024, March 2025, and June 2025).  I'll check in with you about renewal on your final quarter. 


Want to gift a subscription? Sure! Just use their address as the shipping address and add a note saying it's a gift. I'll take care of the rest. 


Want to order one quarter only?  Absolutely! Choose the "one-time purchase" option. You will recieve the following quarter's magnet (i.e. order 'one-time purchase' in July 2024, you will recieve the September 2024 magnet only). As noted above, studio pick-up is not eligible for 28th ST. Magnet League purchases. 



June Magnet: Order by end-of-day ET June 15th

September Magnet: Order by end-of-day ET September 13th

December Magnet: Order by end-of-day ET December 8th

March (2025) Magnet: Order by end-of-day ET March 14th

28TH ST. MAGNET LEAGUE: bespoke magnet subscription

  • Why is studio pick-up not eligible for the 28th ST. Magnet League?

    I love to be as flexible as possible for everyone, I truly do. However, studio pick-up requires scheduling between myself and you and, unfortunately more often than not, those pick up times fall through or are not responded to. 

    I want you to have the work you purchased and I want to make sure I remain organized. So, for this subscription, all magnets will ship together to ensure every quarter's orders are complete. 

    If you purchase items in addition to the 28th ST. Magnet League, they will ship seperately. If you would like to choose 'studio pick-up' for other artwork, complete a seperate transaction. 

    Thanks for loving & supporting my work!


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