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Years ago, while still earning my master naturalist certification, I created a piece about fungus and connection. It was and still is one of my favorites and it kind of started me on this path of pattern making combined with images plucked from my memories of being outside. I think about fungus all of the time. Not their showy mushroom fruits, but rather their enormous body creating a network under our feet and all around us. When I lift up damp leaves and see those white hyphae veins running through I am lifted up because it tells me that the plants are still able to communicate through their organic fungi internet. Always remember, where you maybe see nothing but dirt and sticks, is really a place teaming with natural data transfer allowing this crazy rock we exist on to thrive. And in the words of my fungi class instructor "fungi have the power and intelligence to kill us all, they allow us to live". Bow down to our mycelium overlords and give thanks.


6"x4" gouache, charcoal, & pencil on canvas; pine tree pattern variation; painted yellow edges


gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang

"It Was Just A Pile of Pine Needles , Until It Wasn't" Original Painting

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