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Border Crossing

I've been really into patterns of late. I love their simplicity. I love how when we view them they say something about who created it, where that person was from, and if they are with us still. Patterns are innately human and yet they are the stuff of nature. This connection between what we have created and what created us fascinates me.

So this is what I'm working on, sussing out this connection and hopefully doing it in a way that makes people want to look at it. I've posted a few hints, some small work. I'm calling the entire collection "Border Crossing". I'm not going to obnoxiously explain this. You are a beautiful, smart, person that can make your own meaning.

The method: I have been creating some stencils by hand based on typical American patterns, native or otherwise. After they're cut, I get to spray painting. Right now, I'm sticking to working on board, but planning on moving to canvas soon once I feel a bit more confident (canvas = $$). I have a really big piece on the horizon. Below are some tidbits this work. Stay tuned!

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