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Seminoles & Mexicans

I've begun work on a new Border Crossing. It is inspired by the simplicity of traditional Seminole Indian patterns and the complexity of some of the designs we often find in Mexico. In middle school, I had the privilege of participating in the creation, no, the reawakening really, of a faith that was (and still is) based on traditional Native American teaching. The spiritual leader of that most diverse of tribes just happened to be a Seminole man. This is a nod to him, his family, and all they have taught me (and still teach me).

Why Mexico? Well, outside of the fact that I simply am in love with the Mexican aesthetic, I can't help but watch, and read, and be disappointed by our country's perception of the Central American people. So I'm layering these two together. Two people that I respect. Two people that I find exceedingly interesting. Two people that have suffered, shared, and evolved, at the hands of Americans. Without both, this daughter of German and English immigrants wouldn't be half as awesome as she is. Cheers.

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